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Every year, more than 2 million Americans experience whiplash, a painful neck injury typically resulting from an accident. Pacific Pain Physicians in Santa Barbara, California, diagnoses whiplash and other causes of neck pain, and provides customized treatments to relieve your discomfort and heal the injury or condition causing it. Whiplash can linger or worsen if left untreated. If you think you have whiplash, call Pacific Pain Physicians, or make an appointment online today.

Whiplash Q & A


What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a type of sprain that occurs when your head snaps forward and backward in a whip-like movement. You’re most likely to develop whiplash in a rear- or front-impact automobile collision, although you can also get whiplash in a sports accident or another accident that jerks your head and neck.

Whiplash causes symptoms that include muscle spasms and tightness, headaches, and pain in your shoulders, arms, and back. Your neck becomes stiff, and your range of motion decreases.

What are the other causes of neck pain?

Neck pain is widespread and has a wide range of causes. For example, if you have poor posture or spend hours every day slouching over a computer screen, workbench, or even your smartphone, you can develop pain and stiffness in your neck. Degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease can also cause neck pain. A herniated disc and nerve compression can also lead to neck pain. 

When should I see a doctor about neck pain?

If you have neck pain that lasts for several days and doesn’t subside with rest, hot and cold compresses, or over-the-counter pain relievers, make an appointment at Pacific Pain Physicians. If you’re in an automobile collision, you should seek a medical assessment immediately, even if you don’t have any painful symptoms. Your body experiences a surge of adrenaline in response to dangerous situations like car accidents, which could prevent you from feeling any pain for hours or even days.

How are whiplash and neck pain diagnosed?

Pacific Pain Physicians diagnoses whiplash and other painful neck problems with a physical exam. Your doctor feels your neck and guides you through a series of gentle movements to gauge your range of motion and the severity of your pain. Your doctor may also order diagnostic imaging tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs to examine your bones, muscles, and connective tissues to identify the condition causing your neck pain.

How are whiplash and neck pain treated?

Pacific Pain Physicians provides customized treatments for whiplash and neck pain, including immobilizing devices, medications, physical therapy, and muscle and nerve injections. In rare cases, they may recommend surgery to repair the condition causing neck pain.

If you think you have whiplash or are suffering from neck pain in general, schedule a consultation with Pacific Pain Physicians by calling the office or using the online booking tool.