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Words from our patients

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    "I was sent here for severe sciatica due to a disc herniation. I received 2 epidurals about 2 weeks apart which almost completely eliminated my pain."

    Pat S.
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    "This group of providers are the best out there! I was referred to them for an epidural for my back and was given an injection. The physicians were very knowledgeable."

    Erika P.
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    "I started seeing them for severe back/neck pain after a motor vehicle accident. I have had a couple of epidural injections and they have helped tremendously."

    Christine D.
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    "My husband has suffered for years with back pain. They worked with him to find the most relief. We are happy with the treatment and would recommend this clinic."

    Debra T.
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    "I suffered from chronic pain due to injuries. I've started the rounds with injections and epidurals. For the first time in 10 years my back is almost pain free."

    Rona C.
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    "I've had several injections through the years. Joint injections into the knee, trigger point injections...these are just a few treatments that are successful."

    Becky O.
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    "Pacific Pain Physicians gave me shots for my arthritic neck telling me what to expect and what they told me was right on. The second shot they gave has freed up my neck"

    Don T.