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Successful Spinal Cord Stimulator Implanted for Post Laminectomy syndrome

Dr. Daniel Roshan, a Pacific Pain Physician, performed a successful HF-10 spinal cord stimulator implantation. The patient was suffering from Failed Back Surgery Syndrome with chronic low back and leg pain for many years. She had tried medications, physical therapy, surgery, and other injections without any lasting relief. The patient underwent a spinal cord stimulator trial first where Dr. Roshan put in temporary testing leads in her back for about 1 week and she was able to see how well the therapy would work. She noted substantial relief and requested to have the permanent spinal cord stimulator. Since her spinal cord stimulator was implanted she reports 70% improvement of her pain, ability to sleep through the night, and ability to work through shift with significantly less pain.  We are so excited that we were able to help improve her quality of life!

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