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Ketamine Infusions: Treating Pain, Anxiety, and Depression

What is a Ketamine infusion? In a Ketamine infusion, a physician administers small doses of Ketamine to a patient through an IV. The entire process takes less than an hour and resembles a relaxing spa treatment rather than a medical procedure. Patients sit back in a comfortable armchair and often drift off into a dream-like state that wears off shortly after the procedure is over. Patients may experience immediate relief as soon as immediately after their first procedure, and they can maintain these results in the long term by establishing a customized infusion schedule with their physician.

Who is a candidate for Ketamine infusions? Anyone who has painful conditions including CRPS/RSD, migraines, failed back surgery syndrome, cancer, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, or spinal injuries can benefit from the healing effects of Ketamine infusions. Recently, more and more patients with mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression have also been experiencing the positive effects of Ketamine infusions since Ketamine works to boost neurotransmitter production and function in the brain.

Why Ketamine? Perhaps most importantly, Ketamine presents an alternative to narcotic and opioid medications, and in turn relief from unwanted side effects that accompany these medications such as weight gain, libido loss, dizziness, addiction, impairment, and more. Ketamine has also been proven to successfully address the imbalances that lead to depression and other mood disorders more quickly than traditional oral antidepressants. Further, Ketamine has also been successful in alleviating chronic conditions that have not responded to medications or other treatments.

Aside from its countless medical benefits, Ketamine infusions are simply an easy, time efficient, innovative, and affordable solution to provide relief for many ailments and conditions that people cope with every day. Contact Pacific Pain Physicians today to book a consultation to find out if Ketamine therapy is right for you.

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